Mary Ann Rast

As a ColorProof Artistic Specialist and Platform Artist, Mary Ann Rast creates and executes individualized Hair Designs for every guest. Her specialty is designing styles that work with your hair type and elevate your overall look. She brings extensive training and more than 35 years of experience to the table, and her ability to match you with products that maintain your style in between salon visits is unmatched.

She believes that gorgeous hair shouldn’t come at the expense of its health, and this is why Mary Ann utilizes carefully-chosen, natural products during her services. These products and treatments work specifically to improve the integrity of your hair, and you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best salon services in Madison.

When not collaborating on versatile styles with her guests, Mary Ann is a ColorProof Educator who guides the next generation of hair artists through continuing education color courses.

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Other Specialty services include

  • Kevin Murphy Hair Color
  • Grey Coverage
  • High & Low & Balayage Techniques
  • Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments
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Mary Ann’s products are all natural and meet European Regulation Standards.